Terms of service

This document is contingent upon the terms and conditions that govern the use of this Website and the agreement that establishes between both parties (client and entity responsible for the site).

  • Introduction

Any and all orders requested from Mr. Blue through the online store will be regulated by the present Conditions of purchase.

When placing the order, he acknowledged that he has read, understood and accepted the present conditions of shopping.

  • Identity of the responsible for the website

The present website is managed by the company Botão Azul - Comercio de Vestuário S.A, (henceforth, the Company), with registered office at Rua dos Ciprestes 48, Office no Estoril. 2765-623 Estoril, telephone number (+34) 210344229 and fax (+34) 210344201, and inscribed with N.I.F. 503398411.

In case of doubt about the present Conditions, you can contact us via our existing form in the Contact Area or by phoning the number +351 to 210344260 within the customer service hours (9h / 18h).

  • Acceptance of conditions of use

By using the website of Mr. Blue, it accepts and agrees to belong to the database, thus becoming linked to the same.

All data obtained through the customer's registration will be processed automatically for the handling of Mr. Blue's direct marketing actions, with due consent from the customer.

Mr. Blue reserves the right to change at any time the present conditions of purchase. Where we need to carry out changes in conditions of purchase, the same will be published on this website and we will let you know in due advance.

  • Confidentiality

Mr. Blue undertakes the fulfillment of its obligation to secrecy of personal character data and its duty to keep them confidential and will adopt the necessary measures to prevent its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account at all times the state of technology.

In any case, we remind you that whenever it provides personal information in the network there are risks whose control is beyond our reach, think that in many cases the security of your data depends on how you use the internet.

It is important that you are aware of the need to use secure passwords and to not facilitate data from your accounts to friends or third parties.

  • Applicable law and jurisdictional competence

All divergences or complaints arising from the interpretation or execution of this Legal Notice shall be governed by Portuguese legislation and shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Judaists and Courts of Lisbon.

  • Availability of product

Any order of products is subject to the availability of them.

  • Refusal to order

Mr. Blue reserves the right to, at any time, withdraw any products that are figurem on the present website, to alter or delete any materials or contents of the present website. Notwithstanding Mr. Blue's effort to, in principle, process all orders, exceptional circumstances may occur that will lead you to refuse the processing and acceptance of an order, even after you have sent a Order Confirmation Confirmation.

Mr. Blue will not be liable, before the customer or any third party, for the deletion of any product, by the alteration or deletion of any materials or contents of this website, nor by the refusal to complete the processing or to accept any order that has been the subject of the sending of a Order Reception Confirmation.

  • Delivery

Mr. Blue will make the best efforts so that, save in case of excecional circumstances, the constant products of a Submission Confirmation are delivered within the time limits indicated. If, for any reason, Mr. Blue is unable to proceed to delivery within the given time limit, the customer will be informed and will be given the option of holding the order or proceeding to its cancellation against the full refund.

The customer should take into account that Mr. Blue does not effect deliveries either on the weekends, nor holidays.

For due effect, an order delivery is deemed to be "delivered" with due signature of the waybill in the abode made available by the customer.

  • Impossibility of delivery

If Mr. Blue is unable to proceed to delivery, he will try a second delivery after tagging done with customer.

  • Value added tax

As per standards and regulations in force, all purchases made on this website, are subject to value added tax (VAT).

  • Payment

The Mr. Blue invoices are always sent along with the order, this being the valid document as receipt.

Payment is carried out in the validation of the order, if this does not occur the order is not considered valid.

  • Right of resolution & return

You will be able to return the Mr. Blue articles in the following conditions:

It has 90 days from the date of the receipt of the order to make the return, if it is in perfect condition and the article (s) have not been used (s) and with the voucher document of purchase. Do not accept disclesters of interior garment or used articles. Purchases made in November will have an extended period for devolution, and it is possible to effect the same until December 31.


Effecting the return of the following forms:

  • Addressing one of our stores Mr. Blue (Free) with the original invoice. The refund of the value of the articles is made through a barter valley to use in a new purchase (it will have 180 days to do so). This valley can be used online or in the physical stores.
  • Send to the Central Warehouse (Cost supported by the customer)-  Logistic Center of the Maia 2-CLM2. Street Eng Antonio Ricca Gonçalves nº307 Z. I. da Maia I-sector VIII 4475-298 Gemunde Maia-in the original packaging, the article (s) with the respective original invoice. You should start the process of returning on the online site through your personal area. It opens the order you want to return (partially or fully) and starts the return process by following the steps indicated. The value of the order will be returned to you by the same method of payment.


To exercise this right of free resolution of the contract, the Customer will be able to fill out the following Model of free resolution form, or through any other unequivocal statement in that direction.


-To [insert here the name, the geographical address and eventually the fax number and the e-mail address of the professional]:

-By the present communico / we communicate (*) that we resolve / resolve (*) of my / our (*) contract of purchase and sale concerning the following well / for the provision of the following service (*)

-Requested in (*) /received in (*)

-Name of the consumer (s)

-Address of the consumer (s)

-Signature of the consumer (s) (only in the event that the present form is notified on paper)

(*) Risking what does not interest

Only the returns of articles which find themselves without any trace of use / alteration/washing, in perfect condition and with the original (price or other) labels are accepted. Finally, we warn that in order to make the return of the products the Customer should use the original packaging and properly packaging them.


We will refund you in the value of the returned articles, maximum up to 14 days after the day on which we are informed of your decision to cancel. We will use the same means of payment that you have used to pay for your order, and will not incur additional expenses. We will be able to withhold the refund until we receive the articles or even send us proof that you have returned us the articles, as per what we receive first.

The Customer will have to bear the cost of returning the articles if it does not opt for the in-store delivery method.

  • Exchange

The customer will be able to carry out the exchange of the product within 90 days of receipt of the same in our stores, and may exchange by size, colour or even by another product.